STEMFEST - Save the Date!

1/10/2022 6:45 pm


RSVP for STEMFest THIS WEEK! Registration closes January 28th!


STEMfest is coming ... IN PERSON on Friday, February 4th, from 5 pm - 7:30pm! 

RSVP for the event and to order food. If you prefer to grab a take-home kit as opposed to attending in person, you can find details for that on the RSVP link as well. The RSVP Link will close on January 28th, so RSVP now!


RSVP Now! 


Start saving your paper towel, toilet paper, and giftwrap rolls. A collection bin is in the front of the school for these items.

STEMfest is a unique event where families can explore and engage in science-based, hands-on activities.

With over 20 activities, there’s something for everyone and every age. The event is designed for the entire family to enjoy and with thanks to student volunteers from Westchester and Stratford, minimal parent volunteers are needed. Meals, prizes, and lots of take-aways are offered as well.

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