9/20/2023 9:59 pm

Important Upcoming  Dates

    • Thurs. November 16, SPIRIT NIGHT: CARRABBAS

    • Fri. November 17, Field Day

    • November 20-November 24, SCHOOL HOLIDAY

    The full PTA calendar for the 2023-24 school year can be found here.



It's Turkey Season! Our sister school committee will be holding their annual frozen turkey drive THIS THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16th!


Donated turkeys can be dropped off in the morning carpool line this Thursday from 7:30am-8:00am.


Please use the link below to donate.





Reflections is a national PTA art contest and every Wildcat is invited to participate. 

The 2023-24 theme is “I am HOPEFUL because...”


Wildcats are able to participate in the Visual Arts category. 

Reflections submissions are due on Wednesday, November 15 at 8am in the library. Digital entries will be submitted this year, but please bring your written entry form. 


Rules and guidelines are located on the Texas PTA website ; or please email wilchesterptapresident@gmail.com



Link to rules and entry form





With cold weather nearing, the PTA Internal Needs committee is asking for your help in keeping students warm as the temperatures begin to drop. You can help in the following ways:


1. Purchase sweatshirts and umbrellas from the Amazon wishlist. They will be delivered directly to the PTA Internal Needs committee. 

2. Purchase new cold weather clothes (pants, long sleeve shirts, and jackets / sweaters / sweatshirts) in sizes Youth Medium, Youth Large, and Youth X-Large online or in the store. 

3. If you are doing an overhaul of your kid's clothes, we need great used condition pants, long sleeve shirts, and jackets / sweaters / sweatshirts in Youth sizes small, medium, large, and x-large.


All items can be dropped off to Amanda Dikdan at Wilchester Elementary School or to Brandi Stanton's house (13415 Westport Lane). If you'd like to order online, you can ship directly to either Amanda Dikdan's office or Brandi Stanton's house. 


Thank you for your assistance in keeping all WCE students warm this autumn and winter. 




Hi campers! The 2023-2024 yearbook committee is ready to bring you an amazing yearbook this year. To do this, we need your help!


If you haven't already downloaded the Balfour ImageShare app on your phone, please do. Our project number this year is 426691. This way you can upload photos from your phone and send them directly to the yearbook committee. We really want to make sure that every child is included in the yearbook this year so please only submit photos with two or more students so we can make room for everyone. Also, please make sure to include grade level and names of people in the photo so we can get them to the right place. If the app isn't working for you, you can also email pictures to wceyearbookpics@gmail.com


YEARBOOKS ARE ON SALE! You can purchase your child's yearbook here. If you purchase before 11/30/23 the price is $35. After that the price jumps to $40. The deadline to purchase yearbooks this year is 1/31/24 so order now!


5th grade ads are also available for purchase! (reminder, this is only for outgoing 5th grade students). The 1/4 page ads can be purchased and built on Balfours website. The price per ad is $30. The deadline to purchase is going to be 12/20/23 and the deadline for ad submission is 1/8/24.  Only one 1/4 page ad per student may be purchased. 


The 2023-2024 Yearbook Cover Art Contest!

1st place will be featured on the cover! One winner per grade level will be featured on the back. Time to get your little artists to work!


1. "Camp Wilchester” & “2023-2024” must appear somewhere on the artwork.

2. Please write your name and grade on the back of the paper so we know who to credit.

3. Dimensions need to be 8.5x11 (regular computer paper).

4. Make sure the drawing is vertical, please don’t fold artwork.

5. Make it colorful and fun. Be a standout!

6.  You can use markers, crayons, color pencil, paint, etc.

7. Please make sure to fill up the entire page.

8. Entries must be turned in to the front desk by 9/29/23.

Questions? Contact Jessica Candler.



Wilchester Paw Print Express (PPE)


What: Paw Print Express is Wilchester’s student mail service that allows students to write letters and notes to friends and teachers throughout the year.

Who: Students, Teachers, Friends and Family

When: Letters will be distributed each Friday starting September 8th

Where: Mailboxes are located in the school lobby, library and second floor


How: Students will have the opportunity to write letters during class, can print/write a letter on PPE stationary using this link, or can email letters to wcepawprintexpress@gmail.com. Students will then take turns sorting and distributing the mail.


Parent Volunteer Opportunity: Each class needs parent volunteers to help the kids sort the letters.  Use this link to sign up!


For more information visit our PPE page on the PTA website. 



We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Batten Family for their generous support of the Wilchester Elementary PTA. Thank you for making a difference in the WCE community!



Make sure you sign up to be a volunteer with SBISD!

The district requires everyone to sign up each year in order to volunteer in the classroom, go on field trips, help during school events, and participate in other Wilchester activities. Any family member who may volunteer at Wilchester (Mom, Dad, Grandparent, etc) should plan to sign up.


Click here to sign up to volunteer in SBISD