Your Carnival Adventure is Coming on Friday, November 3rd!


Join Camp Wilchester for a family-fun Carnival event for ALL Wilchester families and neighbors! Your adventure includes games, inflatables, food, and prize/raffle drawings!!


Like a Prepared Camper, Be Prepared for your Carnival Adventure!


Purchase Carnival Tickets Here


Ticket presales will be available from September 25 - October 13.

There are TONS of advantages to preordering your tickets!


  • Save time! You don’t have to stand in line to get tickets the day of Carnival!
  • You can purchase Prize Drawing tickets at the lowest price (2 for $1)
  • You can get the best price on printed labels (your name and phone number) for your Prize Drawing tickets
  • You can order a lanyard to safely carry your tickets
  • You can donate to ensure every Wilchester Wildcat is able to enjoy Carnival
  • You can enter raffles for the King/Queen of Carnival, Fast passes for the Front of the Line (1 per grade), and Dedicated Parking Spots for the Night of Carnival!
  • Safely pick up gear and tickets at a local home! If you prefer to pick up your gear and tickets, as opposed to sending it home with your child, you will have that option.

Ticket Prices & Options:

  • Food/Game Tickets (Red Tickets) - $1 each
  • Prize Drawing Tickets (White Tickets) – 2 for $1 (during Presale); $1 each Carnival Week
  • Wristband (Unlimited Use of Inflatables) - $13 each
  • Raffles:
    • King/Queen - $5 per ticket (no limit)
    • Fast Pass - $3 per ticket (no limit)
    • Parking Pass - $5 per ticket (no limit)
  • Labels with Name and Phone Number for Prize Drawings - $12 during Presale (includes enough labels for all Prize Drawing Tickets purchased)
  • Donate to ensure every Wilchester Wildcat can enjoy Carnival


Enter several different raffles as part of the Ticket Presale Fun!

  • King & Queen of Carnival ($5 per ticket) – We will draw 1 King and 1 Queen of Carnival on Monday of Carnival week. The King & Queen will be treated like Royalty all week long!
    • Monday – Names are drawn and winners receive their crowns to wear all week.
    • Tuesday – King and Queen will get to eat lunch with Ms. Rushing.
    • Wednesday – King and Queen will receive a basket of special goodies delivered to their Homeroom Class.
    • Thursday – King and Queen can pick 2 friends each to sit on the stage during their lunch.
    • Friday – King and Queen will get to draw the other Raffle Winners (Fast Pass & Parking Passes) on the Morning Broadcast. They will also get to officially “open Carnival” at the DJ booth and pick the first songs played at Carnival. During Carnival, they will have a “fast pass” to jump the line at any game or inflatable. (NOTE: To jump the line on inflatables, they will also have to have a wristband for inflatables).
  • Fast Pass ($3 per ticket) – Each grade will have 1 Fast Pass Winner that can jump the line for any game or inflatable all night long at Carnival. They will have a special wristband to indicate their Fast Pass status. (NOTE: To jump the line on inflatables, they will also have to have a wristband for inflatables).
  • 3 Premier Parking Spots ($5 per ticket) – Friday morning, 3 families will be selected to win a Carnival Parking Spot right at the entrance to Carnival. With everyone in the school coming to join in the festivities, show up right on time and drive into your personal Carnival spot.

There are ways you can help make Carnival a Success!

  • Sponsor a food booth! We still need sponsors for: pretzels, corn dogs, pizza, smores, chips. Have another fun food idea? Reach out to Laura Werner to discuss a family or company sponsorship!
  • Donate an item for the Prize Drawings! Visit the Wilchester Amazon List to purchase a prize donation. Have another fun idea for a prize drawing? Reach out to Polly Johnson to donate the perfect experience or gadget! Donations of all amounts and sizes are helpful!
  • Volunteer to Help Set Up Games and Inflatables! We still need a few more volunteers to help on the Games and Inflatables committee. If you are interested, reach out to Dana Danna.



As with ANY adventure, you need the proper GEAR!


If you placed an order for Carnival Gear, it will be ready by the end of October. You will have the opportunity to pick everything up, so stay tuned for more information!


Still have questions about Carnival? Join us for Carnival 101 after the PTA Meeting on September 29th. The presentation will be posted here after the meeting.



Logistics: Challie Sherrill

Food: Laura Werner

Games & Inflatables: Dana Danna

Prize Drawings: Polly Johnson

Decorations: Perla Grover


For questions or to help, email WCECarnival23@gmail.com.





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September 29th @ 8:00 am
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