Wilchester Carnival
Join us on November 4th!

What is Carnival?

Carnival is a family-fun community event for ALL Wilchester families and neighbors! This fun event is held annually and includes games, inflatables, food, and prize/raffle drawings. The event itself is free, but you will need tickets to play games and buy food, and you will need a wristband to play on the inflatables. There are also raffle tickets available to win prizes. All proceeds benefit the school through the Wilchester PTA.  


What's the SCHEDULE for Carnival Week?

The carnival schedule will be announced closer to the activities. Stay tuned for more information! 


How Can I Help?

Be on the lookout for ways to help at Carnival! There are many ways, including:

  1. Buy Food & Game Tickets! 

    100 Food and Game tickets should allow a family of four to eat dinner and play an average of 5-8 games.

    **Red Food and Game tickets are $1 each.

    Insider tips:

    * Buy a lanyard for each child to hold their individual tickets (only $3)
    * Buy a wristband for each child to have unlimited use of inflatables ($12) 


    Pre-Orders are Closed, but you can purchase Carnival tickets at the event! 

  2. Buy a Wristband! 

    A wristband will allow unlimited use for your child to play on inflatables. Each child must have his/her own wristband.  

    Pre-Orders are Closed, but you can purchase a wristband at the event! 

  3. Buy Prize Drawing Tickets! (Available in-person the week of Carnival)

    Buy tickets to enter in various prize raffle drawings! The more tickets you buy, the greater your chances of winning!!

    **You can buy 2 white tickets for $1! 

    Insider tips:

    * Preorder tickets AND print labels with your name/phone number so you can label your tickets in advance.
    * If you prefer that we print your labels, purchase the label option when purchasing your raffle tickets (only $10)

    Pre-Orders are closed, but you can purchase raffle tickets at the event! 

  4. Donate Items for the Prize Drawings! Parents can purchase items from the Amazon Wish List for prize drawings. There are hundreds of items on the wish list and they all ship directly to Carnival!

    Purchase from our Amazon Wish List 

  5. Donate In-Kind Items: Parents can make in-kind donations, either on their own behalf or on behalf of their company.  Examples of in-kind donations include: water, soda, paper goods, small toys with company logos for the game prizes, etc.

    Contact Courtney Prochaska to Coordinate In-Kind Donations

  6. Donate Food Items: The Carnival already has lots of yummy food items lined up, but they still need donations of: Corn Dogs, Nachos, and Sausage on a Stick. 

    Contact Sinead Tierney to Coordinate Food Donations

  7. Bake Something for the Bake Sale! Sign up to bake something for Carnival! 

    Sign Up to Bake  

  8. Let Us Borrow Your Ice Chest: Carnival requires LOTS of ice chests. Sign up to let us borrow your ice chest.

    Sign Up to Lend Your Ice Chest

  9. Volunteer to Help Set-Up or Tear Down Carnival (coming soon!)

  10. Work YOUR Shift! 

    Each child's parent will be responsible to work a shift during carnival (so, if you have 2 children at Wilchester, your family will be assigned 2 shifts to work). Carnival only works when everyone chips in to help, so it is important that you work your shift! If there is a conflict, it is YOUR responsibility to find a replacement.


What are the Important Dates to Remember??

For now, save the date for Friday, November 4th! Other important dates are coming soon! Stay tuned!



Attend Carnival 101 after the PTA meeting on Friday, September 30th!


For questions or to volunteer, please contact:

Logistics:  Anna Foy

Food: Sinead Tierney

Prize Drawing: Courtney Prochaska

Decorations: Annie McQueen

Rides and Games: Jordan Bredthauer




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It's hard to believe that tomorrow we will turn the calendar to March!  And what a busy March we have planned here at WCE!  But before we jump into the next month, it's time to thank those PTA volunteers who helped make February such a success!

Thank you to the STEMFest team for putting on another fantastic event!  This event continues to be a school favorite!  A huge thanks to the STEMFest Committee: D'Lisia Bergeron, Kelly Porter, Randi Koenig, Katharine Larson.  And a big thank you to those who helped out before the event and the night of: Jessica Candler, Jen Ferguson, Ashley Flowers, Maggie Gardiner, Yeliz Gunes, Kimberly Lair, Valerie McIntosh, Gabriela Mladenova, Kellie Patrick, Lauren Shea, Brandi Stanton, Lindsay Yurchak.

A huge thanks to the members of the Nominating Committee who worked tirelessly throughout February to nominate the 2023-24 PTA Executive Board.  The slate will be announced and voted on at the Friday meeting - don't miss it!  Thank you to Chair of the Nominating Committee Melissa Treadway and committee members Ashley Kerr, Rebekah James, Courtney Prochaska, Kami Buri, Amy Bartholomew.

A big Texan thank you for another successful Go Texan Day to Linley Dieringer and Holly Stephenson for decking out the school in its rodeo best!  

Thank you again to everyone for helping make this truly "A Year for the Ages"! 


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