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Wilchester is thrilled to have a garden, which promotes healthy living and outdoor learning. In 2014, the PTA’s garden committee installed five raised beds (east of the basketball courts, in the center of our track).  The garden committee was awarded a grant from the SBEF in Spring 2014, a grant from Whole Foods Foundation in January 2015, and finally a grant from The American Heart Association and WorleyParsons in Fall of 2016!

The garden now consists of four raised vegetable gardens, an herb garden, two fruit trees, and a native plants butterfly garden.

Ready To Grow Gardens has partnered with Wilchester to provide professional garden educator classes with our teachers for our students!  

As with any PTA committee, we would love to have YOU volunteer with us! You don’t need a green thumb to volunteer as we need help with volunteer coordination, grant/fundraising in addition to watering, weeding and many other fun gardening activities. Sign-up to help on the Homeroom Sign-Up Genius you received from your homeroom parent. 

What's growing in the Garden?

This past Monday 2nd Graders were able to go to Wilchester Garden. They were able to harvest the last remaining eggplants from the Garden before it started to rain. They also weeded the carrots beds and planted some Bluebonnets seeds while learning about the Texas State flower.  The seeds they planted will bloom by the Spring. Meanwhile the radishes and carrots are growing and will be ready for harvest on December 7th during 3rd grade Garden visit. Come by the and check out their hard work! 


Previously, 3rd & 5th graders went to Wilchester Garden.  5th grade amended soil with organic fertilizer, removed old plants in both the vegetable and the pollinator gardens and added them to the compost pile. 3rd graders planted tons of fall seeds like beets, carrots and kale. Come by and check out their hard work.



On September 12th, Second grade took their first trip to the Wilchester Garden. They were able to harvest Sweet Potatoes as a fall crop.  Between all of the 2nd grade classes they were able to harvest 46 pounds of Sweet Potatoes! Look at their hard work:   

image.png image.png  


We also are continuing to produce Eggplant and beautiful Sunflowers and Zinnias. Stop by the Garden to check them out! 

image.png image.png image.png


Interested in growing your own sweet potatoes? Check out these tips:

  • Plant them in the spring
  • Dig at least 12 inches deep for planting
  • Water every other day
  • Snip back the vines and keep them at least 3 feet from the main plant
  • Fertilize!

For additional information, please contact the 2023-2024 Garden Chairperson:

Kristina Cupic - kacupic@gmail.com





The WCE Garden is an Urban Harvest Affiliated Garden




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